Steps to Build

Custom designing and building a home is a big decision. We want to meet or exceed your expectations by keeping you informed every step of the way. Our team is here for you!

Whether choosing to build in a community, a privately-owned lot, or have Trivium locate one, we have a process that is simple and proven over years of building custom luxury homes.

Step 1

WHERE: Determine desired community: select the homesite or provide information on a privately owned homesite. Trivium will help to explain the buildable envelope such as required setbacks, easements, and HOA requirements, if applicable. 

Step 2

VISION: Discuss features and desires in your custom home plan. Reveal the desired investment and the specifications such as ~ square footage, one or two story, number of bedrooms, office, outdoor living space, entertaining, how to best orient your home for views, sight lines, exterior design/curb appeal, etc. Explore which tier works best for you and tailor it to meet individual needs.

  • Highly appointed Tier 1 – Elevated
  • Mid-range Tier 2 – Motivated
  • Value approach Tier 3 – Balanced

Step 3

PLANS: Meet our architect and have a fully collaborative and hands-on approach to help visions become reality on paper in a matter of 7-10 business days. (Note: homes larger than 5,000 square feet or high level of structural detail could take longer.)

Step 4

CONTRACT: Once conceptual designs are agreed upon, you will receive a proposal (quote) for your custom home. At this point, we move forward to contract and then the fun begins.

Step 5

SELECTIONS: You now have a liaison to help you with all the details of making your luxury house a home. You will meet with our Design Consultant to make all finishing selections to customize and create a perfect fit for you and your family. All selections will be made before construction begins.

Step 6

CONSTRUCTION: Now that all the decisions are made, it’s time to let our construction team make everything a reality. You will have several check point meetings with the builder onsite to answer any questions and keep you in the loop during the building process.

Step 7

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY: Move in and enjoy your Trivium Custom Home for a lifetime of memories.

It is truly this simple. Do not invest your valuable time and energy until you are ready to put these steps into motion. It is very easy to get swept away with emotion and caught between the bombardment of informational overload and sometimes a tug-of-war between builders. Custom homebuilding should be an enjoyable journey.

We hope to show you the Trivium Difference!