When the natural paths and chapters of life cross and everything aligns with ease, seize that moment! This moment was available for our members and from this, Trivium Luxury Homes has provided a fusion of like mindsets to channel incredible positive energy and drive to design and build – how homes should be built and lived in for a lifetime of memories and enjoyment.

We understand the hustle and bustle, the balancing act, job, family, school, sports, the triumphs and tragedies of life. The Trivium recipe of intellect, specialized attention, impeccable execution, with fresh and inspiring ideas will create each distinct Trivium Luxury Home. Each member of our team wholeheartedly believes in trust, transparency and truth. Our hope is to cross paths with you. We look forward to share more of our story and homes with you!

Mission Statement

Utilize the expertise and knowledge of 40+ years in the custom home and building industry to construct residential homes while raising the bar and delivering the expectation of what a luxury home building experience should be.